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things in the locker room. i have the latest on trent williams boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko. gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... ...as well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance. >>> military helicopters are making a racket in arlington. >> some residents are lobbying for new height restrictions. >> for 10 years that sound has been the bane of this person's existence. >> sometimes you cannot carry on a conversation with somebody. >> the helicopters flying overhead 10-20 times a day. >> we are here at the arlington county board room to restart the conversation and move this along. >> military helicopters are supposed to stick to designated paths, but occasionally they will fly lower than they are suppos
't suit up last week but all signs point to a change this week. and also trent williams has been hobbled since the texans game. he took strides to get back in the mix today but will he play? and the wizards a great season is coming up. they make roster moves next. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. >>> if the redskins want to cure what is ailing their rushing attack this maybe the week to do it. they had craters this they their attack last week. hopefully the redskins can. having having trent williams in the house will help. he has been able to put on pads for the first time th
pick trent williams number 72 is the team's left track will. and parry riley. number 53 out of is lsu was the skin's fourth round pick of the other draft picks. eric cook was released. dennis moore was traded to the st. louis rams. cares was released yesterday and signed to the practice squad today. >> you have to do what you think is best for your football team. the worst thing people do is keep a draft pick just to keep a draft pick. what you do is, you know, keep the people that give you the best chance to win. and, you know, you get 50% of your draft choices to make your football team, you have a heck of a draft. >>> maryland has a big game tomorrow when they face in- state rival navy. this is the 21st all-time meeting between the two teams. the first since 2005. the mid-shipmen hold a 14-6 lead in this matchup. while the mids try to build upon a ten win season last year for the terps all about erasing the bad taste of the season. he likes the idea of competing for maryland's bragging rights. >> i really think it's good for the state of maryland. i think for football in this state
the redskins and cowboys. tonight trent williams getting tonight trent williams getting his first taste of the no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. >>> want to bring in dan and lindsey live at fed-ex. >> we were just watching other games here. i feel like we've been talking about it a lot. it makes a big differenc
rolling in this weekend. we will have a look ahead. >> trent williams was being watched very closely today at practice and i have the latest. donovan mcmann says the skins may be favored against the rams, donovan mcmann says the skins may be favored against the rams, but this may right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. >> friends and neighbors have gathered. >> a bicyclist died after suffering injuries in a hit and run. john gonzales joins us live. >> instead of campaigning with politicians, family members and friends of the victims have gathered here at the community college to remem
to the region with an important message. >>> summer officially ends in 48 hours. >>> trent williams had an mri done on his knee today. i will have the results for you. there was an awful lot of frustration at redskins park today. frustration at redskins park today. i will take you i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. >>> she is a junior in college. allison starling spoke with her. >> she spent time in bethesda this week and talking with young girls about her new book. >> i have a ton of a young girl little girl cousins and i thought about how much the pres
nfl. y es que el tackle izquierdo trent williams ha mejorado mucho de la lesion pero esta en duda para jugar este fin de semana contra san luis. hoy no prÁctico debido a un esguince en el dedo del pie y la rodilla lesionada en el partido del domingo anterior contra houston. el entrenador mike shanahan sabra en las proximas horas con que jugadores contara para elsiguiente compromiso, ya que tiene varios lesionados. hasta aqui la primera parte, yo regreso dentro de unos campeones de concacaf y mucho mas. ..el presidente barac obama anuncia su nueva estrategia mundial de ayuda al desarrollo... uncena poco comun se desde anoc barrio de nua copadas con artiuclos de toda indole procedentes de una casa alquilada por una inmigrante venezolana..nuestra companera claudia uceda hablo con la mujer y con solitaria mujer "no he tenido trabajo por dos anos..." estas pertenencias son de eloisa... a esta inmigrante venezolana la desalojaron esta casa en columbia heights por no pagar el alquiler por > lo mas tries que los equipo sonido, floreros, ropa y un sin fin de
and speaking of trent williams, there is -- on that and after suffering a knee contusion and brain in last sunday's loss to the texans. if williams is unable to g the coach is confuddent in his backup's ability. >> we got a good situation. had jamal play the left side and is a player to the left side and the right side. and that is a big advantage for us if trent's not able to go and hopefully it will be. >> that is a great opportunity. another chance to go out there and show that i can play both sides and i have to continue to play hard and show them that i can do that. and -- >> the rams are 1-17 with no wins in the last 9 home games and they lost to the skins last year and have the number one pick, sam bradford and they know there is no reason to take them lightly. >> and like i said, so, and i try not -- my opponent's ability and that is about us, what we can create and do. >> we know we play a good game and most teams do and you dean get caught up in the records in the nfl week in, week out and that is how you play. >> reporter: the teapies are playing a team, also, playing hosts to f
their lackluster game. the skinz still don't know if trent william will be available to help out. the rookie left tackle practiced today and is looking better, but it's a game time decision. williams still recovering from a bruised knee and a strained toe. he is officially listed as questionable. if he doesn't go, stefan hire likely to get the start. good highlights coming up re. a high school football game of the week in virginia. broad run looking to extend their winning streak to 33 games. the spartans, visiting rival parkview, which vus happejust h be the last team that beat them. all under an orange moon on a hot september night. second quarter, broad run in wide, derrick thomas goes along the left side, 25 yards into patriot territory. and the very next play, michael stratton rolls right, looks forward and finds steven field. nice pass, nice catch. 38-yard touch, a 34-0 sparn lead. a slick nine-yard scam per, it's 21-0 broad run. they go on to win, but the highght of the night turned in by pats. moving faster than one weatherman sitting at this table with a plate of free food. remember the
did well against ware. i like trent williams. i like his attitude and the way he is playing on the field. >> this is the guy they needed and if week one is any indication, what he did against demarcus ware. i said how would you assess your performance. >> you are never going to be i perfect 30 for 30 against demarcus ware but i think i held my season. absolutely. he didn't say yeah, i was great. he said i did the best i could. i think i did my best. he is going up against two of the best in the nfl. they said okay go ahead and go single coverage against demarcus ware and we'll see how you did. >> we'll talk about that next hour, how houston was able to beat indianapolis and how the redskins can stop them and we can talk about the most ridiculous story of the day, how the black-eyed peas were named to perform at half time at the super bowl. >> not rush though. they didn't get the call. >> you think the way they were going lately, they should have been on the short list. >> well. >> there is always a back-up plan. >> they got black-eyed peas. >> skins game coming up this sunda
. this is the first time washingtonhas been favored in a game all yea the skins still don't know if trent williams will be available. he practiced on friday. he's looking better but will be a game time decision. he's recovering from a bruised knee and sprained toe. 's listed as questionable. if he dsn't go, stefan hider will start. high school football our game of theweek was in virginia. broad run looking to extend their winning streak to 33 games at park view. park view the last team that beat them. broad run built a 21-0 lead and nevering looked back. the spartans roll. that's your "sports minute." i' dan hellie, everybody have a great weend. >>> all right, thank you. ahead on "news4 today", new concerns over a string of burglaries in fairfax count what police say was stolen that has tm so worried. >>> still no answer in the search for the cause of this week's massive townhouse fire in manassas. why residents fear something like this could happen again. [ malannouncer ] need better way to save for the things you want? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a wish list, that helps you set aside
-10 and then it was downhill. the defense allowed 20 unanswered point and trent williams got hurt. i should have turned the game off while they were ahead. that's what we in this business call magical thinking. your viewing habits surely have no effect on what happens to our favorite team. now if i were to forget to wear my special jersey, that's a whole different thing. so don't you forget to write mcbegin guinea's mail back -- mcginty's mail bag at wusa9.com. that's our report. i'll be back here tonight at 11:00 along with anita brikman. tonight a disturbing trend emerging among young people. tune into our special report about how some girls and boys are coping with the stress of being teen-agers and it is not pretty. log on any time to wusa9.com. we'll see you a bit later. bye-bye. i'm done with all these lists. and driving all over town. i want one list. for one store. [ female announcer ] at safeway, you get it all. great quality and great prices. so you just need a safeway list. [ male announcer ] with thousands of everyday low prices you'll save all over the store. [ female announcer ] with club
there are needs during -- if there are needs during the season. >>> this past april, only two remain. trent williams number 72 is the team starting left tackle and perry reilly. number 53 out of lsu, the skins fourth round pick. now of the other draft picks eric cook was released, dennis morris traded to the rams. severallic capers released yesterday but signed to the practice squad today. >> you have to do what you think is best for your football team. the worst thing people do is to keep a draft pick just to keep a draft pick. you keep the people that give you the best chance to win. and if you get 50% of your draft choices kept on the football team, that's a great percentage. >> they didn't have 50%. >>> the first meeting between two teams. the hokies 1 in 25 all time against a.p. teams. >>> the terps have a big game tomorrow when they face navy. they are meeting for the first time since 2005 and neither is ranked. this is the 21st meeting with the midship men holding a 14-6 lead in the series. for the terps, it's about erasing a 2-10 season, proving they are fighters. friedgen said he l
. >>> talking football. redskins in st. louis onsunday. rookie left tale trent williams has not been ruled out, despite not practicing all week. williams has an injured knee and toen practice tomorrow. but is he still limping around. so i would be surprised if he plays on sunday. and on the other side of the ball, moore will be back. he is replaced by reed dowd reed on the wrong endf the game-changing play against the texans. not many people in the nfl will jump andre hnson who gets the game-tying touchdown there. moore missed the first two games recovering from knee surgery. his return should bolster the secondary. >> i have just been killing me. i just want to go out and play. get back out and play, and i don't know, very anxious to get out there, show everyone what i can do. everybody who doubted m go out, work hard and prove all of them wrong. >> i'm looking forward to him playing. he has a feel for coverages, when to break, either have it back there when you're deep or you don't. he's a playmaker. >> i thought you would like the video. he talks a little trash to him o. >> right up in his
tackle trent williams made the nfl schedule sunday night against the cowboys and turned heads, clearing wait for chris cooly. williams had a tough task of blocking to wear and with a sack and a false-start penalty. all in all, a solid debut. >> and you have on get a feel for him and are you doing that? >> definitely. you have to get a feel for your quarterback and i feel like i'm starting to, you know, recognize -- what it does we'll get better. >> i thought for trent's first game, he did a very good job. and you can see his athletic ability in the running game and passing game and to go against demarcus was impressive. >> and last night, the jets hosting the ravens, number 77 and with the left leg pinned and out for the year. the jets play a 3-4 defense and maybe? just saying, and say hello to lewis, laying down the law and has been doing that for 15 years. the ravens hold on. franchise low, for the jets, six first downs and baltimore wins 10-9. back to you. >>> busy primary day. we have cut-ins throughout the evening leading up to our newscast at 10 with complete election results. see
of the kicker when he was with the broncos. he did it against the raiders pack in '06. trent williams, mri negative on his left knee. shanahan said he won't know until wednesday whether or not williams can play sunday. the injury occurred late in the fourth quarter. williams also suffered an injured toe on the play but evidently that's not that bad. the redskins will play their first road game of the season sunday in st. louis on fox. live from redskins park, dave feldman, brian, back to you. >> thank you for that. that's the news edge. back here tonight at 10:00, the news edge at 11:00. hope you will be too. .
? >>> well good news concerning the knee of trent williams. he had to leave the game in the fourth quarter but an mri on that left knee today was negative. he has not been ruled out to play against the rams this coming sunday. >>> now the question is how should the redskins feel about what transpired yesterday? should they be encouraged that they cranked out 27 points and mcnabb chuckd it around like a pro-bowler or should the final score erase all of that positivity. it's kind of hard to gloss oar the fact -- over the fact that had they not pondered the 17 -- squandered the 17 point lead, that wouldn't have happened. but today they are glass was half full. >> compared to last year, where we were getting the nuts knocked out of us each week -- >> to know that we gave it away, that hurts but at the same time i have confidence with every guy in this locker room that we'll move forward and have a victory next week. >>> and no status on albert haynesworth. the team said it's from an ankle injury and others say this is the precursor of him being traded out of town. >>> and number one, the steel
the pga tour championship going on. trent williams. will he or won't he play? we'll have a little more information on that. plus, the wizards' lockup. >> ♪ ♪ [ male announr ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time. about prescription treatment check the tag. and support. made in france. wow. the price tag. double wow. up to 60% off. find what makes you happy at a price that makeyou homegoods happy. >>> i remember that. >> you're right. it wasn't that long ago. probably seven or eight years ago. it has changed a lot. these guys are struggling. fo the first time this season the redskins playing on the road. for the first time this season the redskins are favored. three and a half point favorites. a team that hasn't won a game at home since 2008. mediocrity not rewarded in the nfl. but terribleness is if that's a word. st. louis had the worst record in the league last season. one in 15. th
and that means another killer test for rookie trent williams. the first-round pick had to block cowboys pro bowler demarcus ware this past sunday and now he will have to block mario williams and so far the coach thinks the kid is holding his own. >> i thought for trent's first game in the national football league he did a very good job. you can see his athletic ability both in the running game and passing game and to go against demarcus ware throughout the majority of the game was quite impressive. >> game 3 for maryland this saturday and here's hoping you enjoyed last weekend's 62-3 spanking against morgan state because it will not be that easy against west virginia. the mountaineers are ranked 21st in the nation at the moment, stand 2-0. maryland has lost their last four meetings against their neighbors to the rest and given recruiting implication and the possibility of going 3-0 this is a huge one. >> to play, you know, in a game as the more we win, the bigger the games get and i think this is a very good game for us -- very big game for us, i think we will learn about who we are after
trent williams against williams. >> going up against a different type of defensive style. every week it is going to be tougher. he understands that. he knows that. i definitely have confidence in trent and the things he has been able to do. >> there is a look at your sports. have great day everybody. tgif. >> happy friday. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> another high profile resignation. >> live in arlington, more information on the shooting at johns hopkins yesterday as well as an exclusive interview with the brother of the gunman. >> we needed the rain ye america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. >> he was real close to my mom, also. i guess he felt that she was suffe
, starting left tackle trent williams did not practice today. he tweaked his knee against the texans. he is the blindside security guard. korean moore did return to practice today. he could start sunday. baseball now in the past 18 months, danny espinoza has played for the vermont lake monsters, the harrisburg senators and the syracuse chiefs. three weeks ago they took a flyer on the kid and promoted him to the major leagues. good flyer. nats and a astros tonight. that is him on third having tripled. and that is desmond bringing him in. 1-0 nats in the third. next inning michael moors making us for get about josh willingham. his 12th. the nats still trailed 3-2 in the 7th. until youngest pi know za strikes again -- young espinoza strikes again. they take their second straight 4-3. o's trying to pull off a sweep against the red sox but big pop pea has other ideas. kevin millwood hangs on the ball. sox undo the o's 6-1. it has been 140 days since the capitals last played a hockey game and they spent every one of those games trying to forget it. it was game seven. they lost that game. tonig
on sunday. left tackle trent williams did not practice today but his knee is improving and he hopes to return tomorrow. meanwhile careen moore who missed the first two games following knee surgery says he is now 100% healthy and set to return and not a moment to soon. hey, kareem, how long have you been dreaming about this come back? >> oh, man. all day and night. it's been killing me. i just want to go out there and play and get back out there with the guys. >> he has a feel for coverages and when to break. you either have it back there when you're deep or you don't. he's a play maker. >> if you own a wizards jersey in any of the team colors blue, white, black or gold, prepare to throw it out. the team revealed today that starting next year they will rock the red just like the caps. red, white and blue, to be precise. no design mockups have been released. meanwhile if you've been waiting for gilbert arenas to finally address the facts surrounding his gun arrest, don't hold your breath. they proposed a gag order on gilbert and advised them not to talk about it at all which stern can
as questionable, haynesworth, anthony armstrong, horton, moore, landry, portis and trent williams, but there is good news regarding williams. the rookie left tackle participated in practice today for the first time all week after suffering a new contusion and toe sprain last sunday. if williams is unable to go, coach shanahan is confident in the ability of his backup. >> we got a pretty good situation. we've had jamaal play the left side. he's obviously pro bowl player at the left side. can he play the right sides. that's a big advantage for us if trent's want able to go, but hopefully -- not able to go, but hopefully he will be. >> it's a great opportunity, a chance to go out and show i can play both sides. just got to continue to play hard and show he them i can do it. >> on the other sideline the rams are rebuilding just one in 17 in their last 18 games with no wins in their last nine home games, but last year they lost to the redskins only 9-7 and they've got the no. 1 pick in this year's draft sam bradford quarterbacking the team. the skins know they cannot take their opponen
back on the field after a much needed day off. trent williams had a brace on his injured knee. he did not practice. alford did practice. jim was jumping in and stepping up and being a part of all of this. >> it is bothering me and little but. whatever his role is, we need him to help us win. >> the nationals beat the astros last night. matt hendrix scored for the capitals. it is a nice outing for the washington. >> it is 5:225. we have 69 degrees on this thursday. >> remember the interview on david letterman? joaquin phoenix is coming claim. it is more than a year after that infamous train wreck interview. he apologizes to david letterman. why is after a week of questions, we will have the details. >> the calendar says paul is the first full day today. it feels like summertime. first full day today. it feels like summertime. here's boulder. ok, see you in an hour. [ boulder barks ] bye, bye. here we go. come on boulder. aah! [ dog barks ] aah! come on, guys! daisy! whoo! aah! [ female announcer ] lunchables cheese pizza -- now with mandarin oranges. because a great lunch, inspires gre
season and there's still a chance he could come back here. >> trent williams did not practice today. he was limping today with a bruised knee and a sprained toe, but he has not been ruled out for the rams game. kareem moore did practice fully and says he expects to play on sunday. >>> at this pont in the season, it's all about little victories for the nationals, a young guy looking good, a starting pitcher making it deep into the ball game for a quality srt. when you get a couple of tse and you t it off with a win, everybody is happy in nats town. tonight the boys not only got the win, but danny espoza contnues to look like a future all-star. so do these guys. after a busy game, they got it going. teddy says i'm off, off toe the races. i'm going to finally win one, but gets to the finish line, breaks his bifocals. cheaters never prosper. check out roger better havernad. the pitcher, jason marquee, said thank you very much, sir. nats down 3-2. danny espinoza was the man on, and he gets into one. this just clears the wall for a two-run home run and that proved to be the game winner. it's
better next time. >> the team did receive some encouraging news. the mri on rookie trent williams' left knee came back negative. shanahan won't know until wednesday whether or not the big guy can play sunday. the injury occurred late in the 4th quarter. >>> meanwhile the nats opened up a 10 game homestand tonight, the last one of the season. hard to believe. nats return home after getting swept by the phillies. they're also 2-9 in their last 11. hosting the astros 5th inning tied at 2 when houston's catcher takes out levan hernandez. nats give up seven runs in the inning. the fly ball goes to shallow right. danny espinoza, only 10,999 there to see it, lowest attendance in nats history. they fall 8-2. orioles beat the red sox 8-2. crazy moment tonight in philly hosting the braves 7th inning. jason whether at bat and some dude in a red -- jayson werth at bad. some man in a red spandex suit comes out. jayson werth was laughing at this and he said i saw this idiot coming at me, i thought i better trip him than tase him. tase him, bro. sorry. had to do it. brian is back with more right after
trent williams did not practice today. the first round pick tweaked his knee against the texans. if he can't go stephon heyer will protect donovan mcnabb's blind side. >>> and everybody was wondering how jim haslett would eact after -- react after hall said he doesn't care what defense is called, he will simply cover the best receiver on the team, no matter who he is or where he goes. did hazlett consider thatin subordination from hall? well not really. >> the good corners i've been around, all have that mentality. and i'd be disappointed if he didn't have that meantality. i give him the credit for saying that. >> i told him. you take one and they get ten bugs on you. >> so you're on your own if you have a guy that lights up. and it looks like he'll have a new partner. safety kareem moore returned to practice. he was named a starter back in training camp but miss the the first two -- missed the first two weeks with knee surgery. >>> maryland announced a two year deal to play the texas longhorns. they will play in austan in 2017 and then again in 2018. >>> if you are a nascar fan, the b
our game plan. >> part of the puzzle is the rookie, trent williams. he practiced today for the first time in a week. he injured himself last sunday. they say he can play on sunday. mike shanahan would not commit to a player. anthony bryant filled the space last week. the washington was go to camp next week and with the nba season about to begin, they are saying there should be no warning in basketball. -- no wining in basketball. -- whining in basketball. just play the game, fellows. >> he will be kicked out one after the tip of. >> no pa chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? >> after years of contentious debate, maryland will have its very first casino. >> that is right. as we report, residents are looking to win big. >> i enjoyed playing the slots at casinos. having it here in maryland may bring in some revenue. ville soon have maryland's on
. louis sunday. our first road game of the year. still no definitive word on rookie lft tale trent williams who suffered a bruised knee and sprained toe against houston. he did not take part in practice but williams did some jogging on the treadmill today. mike shanahan expects william to test out his knee and toe in practice on friday. if williams can't go, and i will be surprised if he does, it will be a huge blow to the running game. after two game, the redskins' rushing attack ranked 32nd in the nfl. there are only 32 teams ithe nfl. they're dead last. the redskins have run for 107 yards combined in two game. clinton portis has 96 of those yards. although clinton portis hasn't been doing really well, he has two touchdowns. he thinks there is room for improvement. he is comfortable once he gets a consistent chance to carry the ball, the redskins' running gam will be just fine. >>> i wouldn't stay running game is struggling. i just don't think we attempted to use the running game. we used the running game span and it is hard to get started. i think for that, they would like the g
williams, once drafted before vince young and reggie bush. now that pick is looking good. now trent williams, the skins top pick this season, has looked like a budding star as well and he'll have the tough task of blocking supermario. their williams is a two-time pro-bowler. mcnabb has nothing to do with this. the casual fan might not know his name but the skins need to introduction. well we'll move on. trust me, they know who he is. but do we know about the maryland terrapins and west virginia? well we should buzz west virginia was -- because west virginia was 2-0. and maryland too. and already up 14-0 and smith going up top and oh, no, maryland would fall behind 28- 0. so this one is over right? well, maryland would make it game. watch this pass from rabin son up top. 80 yards all the way. but it was not enough. maryland loses for the first time this year, 31-17 in morgantown. >>> and look who is heating up the ice. yes, the caps are back. training camp is underway for the group, which, let's be honest, has a chip on their shoulder after last season's disappointing finish. boudrea
. the rookie left tackle trent williams did have an mri. his results came back as negative. the problem is he is still very sore. they will re-evaluate to see if he can get out there on the feel and he'll be able to play against the rams. if not, mike shanahan did say he is very confident. the team overall, very frustrated with the loss. especially consideringhow well they did offensively. but some players on defense, a little bit fired up. today, deangelo hall was one of them. he was furus saying he wanted to take matters into his own hand. let me take you back to the field. he is identified really by the coaching staff as one of the leaders onhis defense. he is irritated with the defensive strategy of leaving each corner back on one side. he kn his ability. he thinks that the defen could have success if co-just let himself play the to guard the best receivers. tod, hall that at he will talk to jim haslett about that. he said he wants to do it his way. doesn't care of the response. >> they don't mind what he said. no matter what he said. it is my opinion. that's what i'm going to do. guys wi
favre. he said during the preseason, we hit him on a postgame show. he thinks trent william will be eventually the best left tackle in football. he says, you heard him say -- >> nothing but praise. i forget what radio show. it was a couple days ago talking about, he really likes his speed, his quickness, his feet. and his grasp of the game. he seems to be getting the game like a second or third year guy. >> the kid gets it. he has a good head on his shoulders and he is going to be here for a long, long time. the redskins are hoping. >> right now the redskins, four-point underdogs. truth be told, the pressure is on dallas. he's talking about fwk first team to play a super bowl in their home stadium. the redskins still don't know what they have. specially on offense. they will have a chance to find out in football's biggest stage sunday night. in fact, a prime time game right here on nbc 4 is not lost on the players. >> it is a big deal. sunday night. the cowboys, first game. it is a division rival. the first division game. the first division game of a new era. there are so ma
to 56,000 vote totals coming in. so keep it up. >>> coming up in sports at 11:00 an update on trent williams and the redskins as they prepare for the rams. we'll send it back to the desk. >>> a hot night for those kids to be out playing football. >> take a walk up the street, sweating out there. >> it's real hot. it's still hot out there right now. >> okay. is it going to continue? >> it's going to be hot most of the night, but it will be cooler for the weekend. how about that? you'll be shocked i think to realize how much cooler it will be by this time sunday. temperatures on sunday will be some 25 degrees cooler for highs than what we had today believe it or not, but again it's very mild, very muggy out there. it's still 85 degrees right now in the city. in september at 10:00 we're talking about temperatures in the middle 80s, quantico 83, gaithersburg 82, dulles the same, a couple of 70s out there, one with martinsburg at 78 degrees. record high temperatures today all around, reagan national 99, dulles 97,bwi marshall 95 degrees. this is interesting, 99 here in d.c. and along the
still don't know if trent williams will be available. he practiced on friday. he's looking better but will be a game time decision. he's recovering from a bruised knee and sprained toe. williams officially list as questionleable. if he doesn't go, stefan hider will start. high school football our game of the week was in virginia. broad run looking to extend thr winning streak to 33 games at park view. park view the last team that beat them. broad run built a 21-0 lead and never looked back. the spartans roll. 42-21. that's your "sports minute." i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. >>> thank you, dan. >> ahead on "news4 today", a n concern over a string of burglaries in fairfax county. what police say was stolen. >>> we're keeping an eye on a developing story. a plane evacuated in sweden because of aomb threat. we'll ha >>>ood morning. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm kimberly suiters. it's saturday, september 25, 2010. all the news just ahead. first, those a quick check on our forecast with meteorologist chuck bell who joins us live now in the
he went to the other side. excuse me. trent william had a great game in his rookie game, his first game ever. head to move ware to the other side. >> that is another great sign for the redskins. my props go out to the fans who were there almost 1 hours after the parking lots opened and were still in the seats. >> don haven't mcnabb being his debut very much hyped. numbers weren't outstanding but a lot of people talked about the change in philosophy and the change in the play. >> i don't know that they win this game last year with jason campbell. there is something intangible that he brings and that is something that they haven't had. no turnovers, steve. that is the biggest much. grade fade. should have been his first touch downpass. couldn't hold onto that one. that is what he gives you, leadership and wins. >> we like that. thank you. >> see you next hour. >>> new developments in the aftermath of that massive gas explosion. the deadly flames lit up the sky and destroyed dozens of homes. now, the investigate is under way. we'll get a full report on that? >> what did you have for d
and an update on trent williams, the rookie tackle who went down with a knee injury. >> tough break. thank you for that. >>> an american hiker detained in iran since july is finally back home, tonight the message from sarah shourd from iran and the people she was forced to leave behind including her fiancee. >>> disturbing news discovered by police had everyone worried about whether they were even alive. tonight where cult members turned up and what they were doing. >>> it was not just any picnic. sure, the weather was great, but the smiles here have everything to do with celebrating life. >> we are just getting starting here on the 10:00. we'll sneak in a quick break and be right back. stay with us. úh>h >>> the aftershock of recent tea party victories still rippling through the republican party, yet the woman getting all the buzz bows out of the sunday talk show circuit, plus a former president says he understands tea party voters. fox 5's melanie alnwick has the highlights. >> reporter: what to make of the tea party victories and their impact on the november elections. on fox news sund
shares the sentiments that most of his teammates feel. good news for the redskins. trent williams is starng left tackle. t results came back negative so now they have to test him on wednesday to see if he can play. >> that's good news. great of you to point out the rest of the good news. 426 yards, you know? that's a good thing. >> the fact the texans beat them in yardage, 427, 426, a hey >>> there's that he be a major increase in homelessness since the recession began. in washington there has been a 12% increase since 2007. >> a new program that's designed to get the homeless off the streets. as drawing melvin reports, the approach is unique. >> reporter: it sounds like an early morning support group. >>'m proud to be here. i'm glad to be 100% drug-free today. >> reporter: it looks like a d.c. running club. for the men who used to live on the streets they now run, it is both. >> kind of like, i came her looking for a way of life. >> reporter: until a few months ago, he never ran. >>> not without theolice behind me. >> reporter: neither did he. not literally. >> i ran into a brick
quarter it's a williams battle, trent going up against mario. trent gets beat but also gets injured. a couple mayors fall on him. once he's -- players fall on him of once he's down he suffers an injured left foot, knee and left toe. the good news, trainers tested his acl on the field and passed the test. williams will undergo the mri tomorrow. for more on the injured pride of the team, here's our own lindsay murphy. >> reporter: 20-7, the halftime score and the most points the redskins have scored in a 1st half since week 16 back in 2007. the 2nd half was a different story and the result a stunning loss to the houston texans. >> that really hurts. that's coming from myself and a lot of other players. they escaped with a victory. they got lucky. i feel like they got lucky, that we let this one slip. >> reporter: there were multiple game changing plays. the biggest? andre johnson's 34-yard touchdown with 2:03 left in the game tying the score at 27. >> make the play. get my hand in between the ball, jump up, create havoc. maybe if he outjumps me, hit the ball out when he's coming down,
. >> trent william has been unbelievable. we don't know the severity of his injury yet. we'll find out today out at redskins park. he was visibly shaken by this. you hate to see this for anybody but especially the guy who could be the cornerstone of your offense yugoslav line for the next 10 years. you got to hope that he is okay. we'll see you again soon as well. let's turn it back over to sarah and tony. >> thank you, guys. >> good action yesterday. >> a lot of action. were you out there for it? >> no, no, no, i was at home. >> you can't go to all of them but i guess can you try. >> it was fine watching it on tv. wave got a great day today. not as warm as it was yesterday for those who were out there at the stadium. but a very pretty day. let's jump right in, show you what is going on. let's start with the weather headlines if today. here we go. first of all, the week starts with more sunshine and i think we'll see a pretty good amount of sunshine. the middle part of this week, hot and humid. you are reading that direct correctly. hot and humid. we are talking wednesday, thursday into frid
with trent williams, fourth overall in the draft. and they need this guy, tony and allison. because last year the offensive line was a wreck and he has really helped fortify the offensive line. we have a tweaked knee situation. he's going to have an mri on the knee. i talked to the redskins a little while ago. he's having it today, waiting for the swelling to go down. let's just hope there is no tear. just a sprain and make a week injury and maybe he's fine. but with knees and young guys you want to -- this is your future. so don't throw him back out there. we have to make sure it's good and if he's okay then the offensive line will be okay. >> judging from his reaction i'm concerned. >> as am i. >> because the athletech knows. >> they look like true warriors. >> and you know who played hard, your guy, landry. >> he wore himself out. >> because he was flying all over the ball again. last week he had 17 passes, allison, just for you. >> he is so strong. >> and this week 11 more. look at that. do you like the pose? >> i do. >> style points. it's good to see this guy. and talk about a guy they n
jim riggleman. and the redskins prepare to face bradford. >>> we're back with sports. trent williams tweaked his knee but hasn't been ruled out for the game on sunday. >>> the nationals will reportedly keep montgomery county native jim riggleman as the manager next year. an announcement will reportedly come later this week. nats fans hope that espinosa sticks an. he had a two run home run in the 7th to give washington the leads. the nats top the astros 4-3. >>> look, hockey is back. the capitals took on the blue jackets in their preseason opener. matt hendrix had a hat trick for washington. they win 6-2 and visit nashville on saturday. >>> still to come, hear from the woman scheduled to be executed tonight in virginia. >>> and prices are going up at starbucks. learn which drinks will cost you more. >>> and the first full day of autumn. will it feel like summer? howard has the forecast when 9 news now returns. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of
're confused today. coming up at 6:00, we'll update the condition of trent williams on an mri of his knee. and you probably notice that albert haynesworth didn't play. he was inactive for the game and we'll give you the reason for that coming up at 6:00. >> good drama. >> it is a drama. i'm exhausted when i'm done. they are great games but exhausting. >> we'll get you something cool to drink. >> no, i had that. >>> let's talk about what igor did to bermuda. it was a break. only went through as a category one. winds went through at 75 miles per hour. almost all of the power is restored today. it took three weeks with fabian. and there was some damage to the cottages with high surf. but flooding was the main problem. 48 inches of rain fell on the island. so did them a favor. for us, we're in great shape except that we need rain. 80 tomorrow night, warmer on wednesday. maybe even a thunderstorm and even a thunderstorm possible on thursday, 89. thursday will be our first full day of fall and it will feel more like summer. let's break down tomorrow. shades and a light jacket. and we're talking
for those guys. >> the team received some encouraging news today. the mri on rookie trent williams left knee came back negative. shanahan won't notice until wednesday whether or not williams can play sun against st. louis. the injury -- sunday against st. louis. the injury occurred late in the 4th quarter. at least there's this. the redskins are better off after two weeks than the dallas cowboys who are 0-2 and in last place in the nfc east. so there is that. >> some consolation. >>> in just a matter of hours congress will begin to tackle a difficult decision. should it repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy? we're diving into the controversy in a live debate coming up next. eas my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2. or maybe 8? my "me time" is when there's a 10% chance of rain! [ cellphone rings ] my "me time" is when he doesn't get the hint. ♪ my "me time"... [ bang ] is when everybody's takin' shots at me. [ male announcer ] discover you time anytime. mccafé your day with a mcdonald's frappé. smooth and icy caramel or mocha blended just for you and topped with a decadent
on sunday. but that won't be easy. trent williams is still hobbled by a knee sprain and stephon heyer took his reps at left tackle. chad shrimp son appeared and said he's running back for running back and special teams and keel and williams stepped into the spot released by larry johnson. >> any time a guy picks up a system as quickly as he has in our pass protection scheme and running the ball, you have to be pretty sharp and he's been able to do that. >> reporter: jim haslett's defense will focus on sam bradford, who he calls a rising star. >> i see a guy who plays. he has great motion, he can get the ball out of his hands, he's unbelievably accurate. >> reporter: so the plan to throw him off is simple. a lot of pressure. >> he's going to see things he's never seen before. that's the most important thing, disguising things and moving around to confuse them a little bit. >> reporter: at redskins park, dave owens, 9 news now. >>> we are just two days away from the latest edition of d.c. high school sportsnet game. and our campus correspondent play of the day comes from forestville. patrick
. >> reporter: good news for the redskins. offensive lineman trent williams, the big rookie, the guy in charge of protecting donovan's backside who left with an injured knee and toe had an mri. it was negative. coach doesn't know when he'll play again but he is encouraged he could play next week against st. louis. and laura more encouraging news. the dallas cowboys 0-2 and they have lost to 2nfc teams. at least the redskins, they lost one game but it was to a team in the afc. that is good news. 1-1. next week they travel to st. louis. >> feeling much better than we were this time last year. >>> the man accused in a serial stabbing spree faces a judge again. we have your courtroom play by play from michigan coming up next. >>> also ahead, fierce flames bringing train traffic to a stand still in new york. what investigators say caused this scene. >>> developing right now, 44 inches of rain pounding china. a typhoon barelying through the country. we are going to take you along the damaged path. gary. >>> hard to believe it could get any better around here than what we have had today. well, just
the ball with portis, williams, i don't think they can do that. they do get back trent williams next week and that will make a difference. after the game donovan mcnabb discussed yesterday's tough, tough loss. >> it's very frustrating. very frustrating. we have a couple of good plays by santana and cooley and some run plays and guys are picking up big yards from ryan and clinton, so i mean, again, it's disturbing for us on the offensive side because we're much better than what we showed today. >> red zone offense, a lot of field goals, not a lot of scores. you can see how frustrated he is, because he knows, as a veteran, if you look at the schedule, it doesn't get easier. and next week, michael vick. you have been watching how good he's playing. he's again with the fresh legs that we talked about. let's take a look at yesterday in jacksonville. and this is what the skins defense, which they haven't been able to stop anybody. >> last in the nfl right now. >> how do you stop this? this is a guy who has a big- time arm, and when you put it with the weapons that he has, that's jeremy maclin,
against the cowboys have an advantage and that trent williams is a rookie and that is where clinton portis comes into play there. if you can get him to hold his luck, i think cp can run wild. >> okay. >> that is not factual. >> i digress. >> yes. >> as you would say. one think this we have not talked about is the actual matchup against the cowboys and how dot skins matchup now? >> i think mcnabb is the biggest part of the new look and you mentioned it there that this is the third time in a row he played that and this is ironic and saw a lot of blitzing last year and the first game of the play-offs and that is what they're going to try to do. he has an injured ankle. >> yeah. >> and he is fine and going to play. and you don't want to give a guy like mcnabb a lot of time to survey the field and you want to make a quick read and that is what they're going to do and gets back to clinton a, are the -- exhibit a, clinton portis. >> and if i'm kyle shan han? >> yeah. >> throw the bomb out of the gate. >> and seems like an old pittsburgh guy. >> and before we toss it baca toallison andtony? yeah.
will play. i think stefan will play. kid gloves with trent williams. he is a rookie. they'll need him long-term. sit him out one week, i don't think he will play. i don't think they'll need him. i'm going on record, redskins win and they win big. we find out that the redskins are a very good team this week. >> i like that. >> i will say and i have to say with mixed emotion that i am 2-0 this year. it pain me to pick texas. i am 2-0. redskins win easily on sunday. >> we don't normally agree, people. steve, what's the best part? >> we have a couple empty chairs to fill right now. hopefully we get cheer and support. >> not tucker and tony get out of the chairs!! >> you want little beauty. >> get these clown out of here. amanda and denise. >> come on in. >> hello. >> thanks. >> thank you for joining us. >> thanks. the reason why you all are here, october 10th is not just the redskins against the packers, but also. >> explosion. >> tell us about the spirit explosion. >> this is a program that we do for young girls and boys, anyone can participate. we do it every year up to 300 kids get out ther
will be billions -- will be williams. donovan knickknack -- >> markets is a great player. -- marcus. every week is going to be tougher. he understands and he knows that. i have confidence in trent. >> that the bush reached eight -- reached an out-of-court settlements. this week, he returned his heisman trophy and tonight he says it is not an admission of guilt. >> i felt like it was the most respectable thing to do. at of respect for all the people who came before me and the people who come after me. >> let's go to raleigh, north carolina. college football. what a night for russell wilson. he threw this touchdown pass. with timing out in the first half, were also wilson again. touchdown. wilson completed 21 of this 30 passes. north carolina state beat cincinnati 30-19. nyjer morgan will begin an eight-game suspension tomorrow. he was also fined. he had appealed the suspension and now says he is happy that they listen to his side of the story. they lost to date and nyjer morgan will travel with the team during the suspension. the redskins continue vincent jackson. he is 26 years old. the nfl say
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